Beginner Program

The Weekly program consists of:

  • An Individual Lesson
  • A Group Playing Class
  • The Parents’ Class

An Individual Lesson

Chantal teaching violin with a young student
Chantal working with a young student

The student’s lesson is attended by a parent, and the first few lessons are devoted to instrumental instruction for the parent.

This gives the parent confidence to help with the follow up practice at home. When the parent can play the first pieces on the instrument the child can begin.

If the parent has any questions about their child’s development, this can be addressed at the end of the lesson.

Group Playing Class

Group playing reinforces the work done in the private lesson and provides incentive and stimulus important for children of all ages.

The Group Playing Class is a fun-filled environment where parents are able to observe the artistic development of their child.

Children play together as an ensemble, and also have solo performance opportunities that develop confidence within a supportive friendship group.

Chantal and the Group Lesson

Parent Class

The Suzuki method depends upon the active and enthusiastic participation of the parent. The parent attends every lesson with the child and works at home as a surrogate teacher, supervising the child’s daily practice. The cooperative triangle team formed by the teacher, the child and the parent is what propels the success of the child.

Parent classes can be done with other beginner Suzuki parents or individually. It is not necessary to have your own full size violin, as the child’s violin is sufficient.

Bow hold and posture are taught to better understand the experience your child will go through. The first pieces are also taught so the parent can help at home and be a head of the beginner lessons.

Lessons must be video- taped with the recordings serving as a guide to home practicing. It is important that the parent who works with the child at home is the one who attends the lessons and the Parent Classes.